I Am

by Backpack Jax

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After two years on the road, BPJ's back with their 1st single of 2013! / Après deux ans de scènes, BPJ revient avec ce nouveau single pour 2013 !


Trajectory undefined, at times was out of line
Broke & hungry for a breakout of this life of mine
Bittersweet, overcame the deceits
Once my pops came & told me, "Real men never cheat, son."
Diving in dark waters, dodging the sharks
Set the young Iraqi French kid rather apart
Then my time came, when the stars aligned I was gone
Thank God, it's been too long, I'm in the game, let's write a song
But if the game is broke, then why would I become a player?
Rhymes for hire, nothing but lies, all layers
I figured the day I make it, boy we'll celebrate together
But it seemed the climb to the top had made me question whether
My friends were my friends back when misery loved to party
Hard work always pays off, though I'm left with nobody
Ain't it funny? Things in life taken away then given back
It's for all of y'all pursuing something bigger than your tracks
Word up!

Every time I hit a stop
Told me I could not
Only pushed me farther
Kept on climbing to the top
Eyes kept them on lock
It made me what I am

Every time I hit a stop
Told me I could not
Only pushed me farther
Kept on climbing to the top
And in the end
You know it made me what I am

When I was just a shorty people told me I was talented
Impatient, ambitious, too passionate
But that was just the half of it
Mostly just a brat obsessed with stages & a mic
Dreaming to see my name in lights
Plotted my future every single night
Stared a the TV screen and memorized each line I heard on radio
Soul Train, The Box, late night Arsenio
Soaked up every chance to kick to anyone who'd listen
Wishing somebody with vision would discover
Take the risk and put me on
Early on the lessons came quick
Skin it grew thicker, rejected till it finally clicked
Clicked my heels, Auntie Ang' we not in Kansas
Power all along, that's when she told me that I had this
Somewhere over the rainbow, I knew I'd find my pot of gold
Must weather the rain though
Had to sprout some wings, dig in, begin to savor all my wins
Listen to that voice within
That's what got me here today from where I been


Oh, took me time to grow
I had to stay true, keep it authentic
Couldn't pretend my heart's not in it
No, now I finally know
Only way to win's to always bring it
I've given my all and there's no limit
I Am!



released September 24, 2013
Lyrics: Boogie Monsta & Mauikai - Backpack Jax
Music: Boogie Monsta & Mauikai - Backpack Jax
Production: Boogie Monsta
Mixing & Mastering: Boogie Monsta



all rights reserved


Backpack Jax Nantes, France

She: Mauikai, Cuban-American MC & Songstress.
He: Boogie Monsta, Iraki-French MC, Vocalist & Multi-instrumentalist.
We: are Backpack Jax.

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